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Duro-Last Decision-Making: Picking the Proper Membrane Thickness for Your Northern Michigan Roof Blog Cover

Duro-Last Decision-Making: Picking the Proper Membrane Thickness for Your Northern Michigan Roof

At Great Lakes Roofing, we understand that choosing the right roofing system for your Northern Michigan property is a big decision. Durability, weather resistance, and cost-effectiveness are all crucial factors. Duro-Last single-ply PVC roofing membranes are a popular option for flat roofs in our region, thanks to their longevity, energy efficiency, and ease of installation. But that leaves another question: which membrane thickness is best for your needs?

Duro-Last offers a variety of single-ply membranes in three standard thicknesses: 40 mil, 50 mil, and 60 mil. They also boast a thicker option, the Duro-Last X Membrane, available in 50 mil, 60 mil, and 80 mil thicknesses. Understanding the advantages of each thickness will help you make an informed decision for your roofing project, and we’re here to help every step of the way!

Standard Thickness Membranes (40 mil, 50 mil, 60 mil):

Duro-Last’s standard option has many benefits!

  • 40 mil: This is the most affordable Duro-Last membrane option. It’s a good choice for applications where budget is a primary concern and the roof is not exposed to excessive wear and tear. However, for the harsh winters and potential hail we experience in Northern Michigan, a thicker membrane might be a wiser long-term investment.
  • 50 mil: This is the most popular thickness for Duro-Last membranes. It offers a good balance between affordability and durability. Duro-Last 50 mil membrane is manufactured with 28 mil of thickness on the top performance layer, far exceeding industry standards as well as competitor systems with equal and even greater mil values. The 50 mil membrane is suitable for most commercial and industrial flat roofs in our region.
  • 60 mil: This is the thickest standard Duro-Last membrane and provides superior puncture resistance and impact strength. It’s ideal for roofs that expect high foot traffic, heavy equipment use, or potential hail damage.

Duro-Last X Membrane (50 mil, 60 mil, 80 mil): 

The Duro-Last X Membrane is a premium option designed for the most demanding applications. It features a thicker overall profile and a reinforced scrim for unmatched strength. Here’s a breakdown of the X Membrane thicknesses:

  • 50 mil X Membrane: This offers similar benefits to the standard 50 mil membrane but with enhanced durability due to its reinforced construction.
  • 60 mil X Membrane: Ideal for high-traffic areas or facilities with potential hail risks, this membrane provides exceptional puncture resistance and impact absorption.
  • 80 mil X Membrane: This is the thickest Duro-Last membrane available and offers the ultimate in strength and longevity. It’s the perfect choice for roofs expecting extreme conditions or those seeking the most extended possible lifespan.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Membrane Thickness:

Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the right Duro-Last membrane thickness for your Northern Michigan roof:

  • Budget: Thicker membranes generally come at a higher cost, but reduce the need for repairs and extend the life of your roof.
  • Expected Use: Will the roof experience high foot traffic, equipment use, or potential weather damage, like hail?
  • Building Code Requirements: Certain building codes might mandate minimum membrane thicknesses.
  • Warranty Options: Duro-Last offers different warranty lengths depending on the chosen membrane thickness and your individual needs.

Great Lakes Roofing: Your Duro-Last Experts

Our team at Great Lakes Roofing has extensive experience installing and maintaining Duro-Last roofing systems throughout Northern Michigan. We can help you assess your specific needs and recommend the most appropriate membrane thickness for your project. We’ll factor in your budget, building use, code requirements, and desired lifespan to ensure you get the best possible value for your investment.

Contact Great Lakes Roofing today for a free consultation and discuss your Duro-Last roofing options! Together, we can ensure your Northern Michigan roof is built to withstand the elements for years to come.