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Although standing seam metal roofs are generally durable and long-lasting, they too have a life cycle. When that life cycle comes to an end, there are really only three choices for a long-term solution. The first is to replace the metal roof with another metal roof. The second is to apply a roof coating over the metal. The third option is to install a Metal Retrofit Roofing System.

Installing a new metal roof is expensive and using a roof coating is more of a temporary solution. The Metal Retrofit Roofing System is a cost-efficient and very effective solution coupled with an industry-leading 15-year NDL warranty.

With the Metal Retrofit System, insulation is placed between the metal ribs, then another layer of insulation is added on top of the ribs. Finally, the entire roof is encapsulated with the Duro-Last single-ply PVC membrane. The Retrofit System is installed quickly and easily with little to no disruption.

The Duro-Last Custom-Fabricated Roof Membrane is available in 5 colors, white, light gray, dark gray, light tan, and terra cotta. Duro-Last offers over three decades of proven PVC roof system performance with billions of square feet of membrane installed across North America.

Available in 8 membrane colors: white, light tan, patina, light gray, green, charcoal, copper, and blue, the Duro-Tuff incorporates a weft inserted, knitted scrim within PVC films to provide exceptional strength and waterproofing. The Duro-Tuff membrane has a uniform thickness over scrim that provides high durability.

Potential Problems with Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Several issues can occur with metal roofs that can affect their performance and longevity.  Here are some potential problems with a standing seam roof:

Treetops Resorts - Convention Center Roof

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