Quick Check for Spring

Heading into the warmer spring months with winter finally melting away, there are a few matters you should take care of as a homeowner and/or business owner.


Before the spring showers return, make sure your gutters have survived the winter and there is not a pile-up of debris. It is important that the rain can easily flow through the gutters to be properly rerouted. If gutters are blocked, water damage on the ceilings/walls of your home or business is more likely to occur.

It is also important to check how secure your gutters are installed. The screws can sometimes become loose with the winter wind/ice resulting in the gutters moving away from the roof. This could also potentially cause water to seep into the walls of your home/business.



Clearing away any limbs that could be scraping your roof is a great task to check off the spring checklist. This also helps to eliminate the environment that promotes the growth of moss. Moss can be detrimental to roof health and it is critical to keep a close eye on those problem areas.

We hope these helpful tips will get you on the right track for a worry-free spring! As always, if you have any further questions, contact us at 989-575-0190!