save a lot

Save A-Lot

Industry: Department Store
Location: Sault Ste Marie, MI
Sq Ft: 16,000
Type: Tear-Off and Recovery
System: Duro-Tuff 60 mil
  •  Extend back edge of roof to provide an additional 4.5” overhang.
  • Install 3” taper cut flute and fill insulation in flutes of existing metal roofing.
  • Install one layer 1 ½” ISO insulation.
  • Mechanically fasten the Duro-Last single-ply membrane in accordance with Duro-Last requirements.
  • Flash all parapet and adjacent building walls in accordance with Duro-Last fastening requirements.
  • At all perimeter edges bring the membrane over the edge fastening 6” O.C.
  • Install new Duro-Last metal edging on all perimeter edges.
  • Flash all curbed units, stacks, chimneys, roof drains, and other penetrations.