A New Career in Roofing and Insulation

Your Career in Roofing/Insulation

As many already know, at Great Lakes Roofing and Insulation Systems, Inc. we specialize in Duro-Last commercial roofing and fiberglass, cellulose, and open & closed-cell insulation. This provides an array of job positions that we’re always looking to fill!


Since all of our roofing projects are Duro-Last applications for commercial projects, it requires a bit of special training. Duro-Last is a flat, PVC membrane, and staying on top of changes within the industry is of utmost importance to us!

Like any roofing job, this still requires heavy lifting, kneeling, and since we live in Northern Michigan and provide year-round service, occasionally working in inclement weather.

If you’re wondering if roofing is right for you, it takes both physical and mental toughness combined with a positive attitude to thrive in the career! If you love performing at a high level and have an acute sense of detail, roofing would be a fantastic opportunity.


The day to day duties of an insulator include (but are not limited to): measuring and cutting the insulation to fit in walls, guaranteeing the insulation is properly secured, installing barriers to protect the insulation from moisture, removing/disposing of old insulation, using air compressors and a multitude of other tools.

Since this type of job requires working with small particles that can irritate the lungs, skin, or eyes, we put an extreme emphasis on safety. All crew members are required to wear the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) and keep the workspace ventilated to assure safety.


Is This the Career For You?

An important aspect of both roofing and insulating careers at GLR is the ability to effectively work in a team environment. We have many different crews that are working day in and day out on top of roofs and insulating in close quarters and having a sense of team/family is necessary to ensure everyone is looking out for each other.

Being in a rural area of Michigan, these jobs also require the ability to travel (in some cases 4-5 nights at a time) to decrease the travel time.

A great outlook on both of these careers is the security the job offers. Roofing and insulation will always be an essential part of buildings! If you’re interested in applying for a job, stop by our office, visit our website or call 989-575-0190.