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Best Roofing Contractor Practices

Your commercial roof is one of the most critical parts of the structure, and sooner or later it’s going to need replacing. When it does, it’s vital that you select the right contractor to do the work. Most post-roof-installation problems can be traced to contractor workmanship.

Here are some considerations:

  • Commercial roofing systems vary widely in their technology and how they are installed, and the contractor should have extensive experience with every aspect of the roofing system(s) being considered for the project.
  • The contractor should be trained and authorized by the roofing manufacturer. Many manufacturers have implemented quality rating and recognition programs to ensure that the contractors installing their roofing systems are proficient.
  • For re-roofing projects, the contractor should complete a thorough investigation of the current roof to uncover any problems and/or potential challenges, and then discuss findings with you. This might include cutting through the current roof to determine the condition of components (e.g., insulation) under the membrane, and doing pull tests to ensure that the correct fasteners are chosen for the job.
  • The contractor should have safety as their number one priority, both for workers and building occupants. Before the job starts, there should be an evaluation of potential jobsite safety hazards and ways to mitigate those hazards.

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