Why We Choose Pre-Fabricated Roofing

At Great Lakes Roofing and Insulation Systems, Inc. we believe that part of the Duro-Last difference is the prefabrication process that takes place to ensure the highest quality product is being used for every job.

When considering what material to use for a low-slope roofing project, the leading drawback is the up-front cost of prefabricated roofing compared to roll goods but considering the LONG TERM advantages, Duro-Last provides the lasting efficiency building owners are seeking.

Reduced Labor Costs

After we finish the free estimate, the measurements of the project are carefully considered and just under 90% of all seams are finished in a closed environment prior to installation. This results in less time spent on the roof, therefore, reduced labor costs.

Fewer Callbacks

The measurements include all structural protrusions or panels that need to be included in the installation to ensure there are limited “surprises”. Since prefabrication means a reduced number of seams, and a reduced number of seams means a lower chance of leaks, this process is designed to reduce the number of callbacks and to increase the overall effectiveness of the product installed.

Energy Efficiency

Duro-Last’s benefits extend beyond the installation process, but in increasing energy efficiency as well. The classic style of Duro-Last’s PVC membrane is bright white and reflective which aids in keeping the cooling costs low throughout the year. It’s important to keep these long-term savings in mind!

Unparalleled Warranties

Offering top of the line warranties, Duro-Last puts the DRY in our Warm and Dry slogan! There are different coverage options for all scenarios and the warranties coincide with the building regardless of any transfers in ownership.

Recyclability & Reduced Waste

The environmental impact is significantly reduced through the “Roof Take Back Program” and cost-effective in decreasing the disposal costs. The prefabrication allows for exact amounts of material to be used whereas roll goods roofing oftentimes produces a high amount of waste during the installation process.

At Great Lakes, we have always been committed to the products we use and Duro-Last never fails to impress.  Call us to learn more about the advantages of the Duro-Last Single-Ply Pre-Fab benefits.  (906) 647-2916