GLR 3 Apr 23 blog

When flat roofs reach the end of their life-cycle

There are several reasons why a flat single ply roof can fail. Some common causes of failure include:

  1. Poor installation: A flat single ply roof must be installed correctly to ensure it performs as intended. If it is not installed properly, it can lead to issues such as leaks and premature deterioration.
  2. Weathering: Exposure to the elements such as UV rays, extreme temperatures, and moisture can cause single ply roofing materials to break down and deteriorate over time.
  3. Punctures or tears: Single ply roofing can be punctured or torn by sharp objects, such as tree branches or debris, which can compromise the integrity of the roof.
  4. Poor drainage: Flat roofs must be designed with proper drainage to ensure water does not pool or collect on the surface. If water is not properly drained, it can cause leaks and other damage to the roof.
  5. Aging: As with any roofing material, single ply roofs will eventually age and deteriorate over time, which can lead to failure.

To prevent failure, it is important to have regular maintenance and inspections of your flat single ply roof. Additionally, proper installation, design, and materials selection are critical in ensuring a long-lasting and effective roofing system. Great Lakes Roofing and Insulation can help you. Call us today at (906) 647-2916.