Don’t Replace Your Metal Roof – Retrofit!

In the roofing industry, standing seam metal roofs are typically classified as being either architectural or structural. Architectural metal roofs are those you can see from the ground on steep-sloped buildings. They are designed to look good on the building. Structural metal roofs are more functional and are installed on low-slope commercial buildings, directly onto the purlins over an open space.

Structural standing seam roofs are designed to be watertight and can provide protection from the elements for many years. However, eventually, Mother Nature takes her toll and the roof’s integrity can be compromised. Thermal expansion and contraction pull at seams and fasteners. Snow, rainfall and ponding water can eventually cause rust and corrosion to form and holes to appear.

If your structural metal roof is showing signs of age, you might be tempted take care of problems with a complete roof replacement. This will address your problems – until they begin again, because the new metal roof will have the same vulnerabilities as the old roof. This method is also costly, involves the use of heavy equipment, and is disruptive to a building’s normal operations, often exposing the building contents to the elements while work is performed.

At Great Lakes Roofing and Insulation, we recommend a roof retrofit, not a replacement. We will install a new single-ply membrane system right over your existing metal roof. It can be installed at a fraction of the cost of a replacement metal roof (without interfering with your building activities), and is a better long-term solution than sealants, coatings and foam. Contact us today for an estimate.