Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Roofing Contractor on Your Team

A successful commercial roofing installation requires a team approach. As a building owner or manager, you should include yourself in that mix, along with someone from your maintenance staff and perhaps a person who handles your organization’s financial responsibilities. Depending on how big or complex a project is, companies might bring in an architect or roof consultant for their advice.

The roof system manufacturer can also play a part, by helping you qualify installers who work with their system, helping you understand their product warranties, and being available with post-job support, if necessary, among other things.

Ultimately and obviously, the contractor who installs the roof is the most critical member of the roofing team. Make sure you choose the right one. Here are some qualities to look for.

They have a clear strategy. A new commercial roof installation can range from a relatively simple and small re-cover to a large tear-off that includes new insulation, edge details, deck sheets, parapets, and other components. Regardless of the situation, your contractor should have a plan for completing the project on time and on budget; there should be no surprises.

They are clean and organized. Your first indication of how a roofer measures up is the appearance of their sales rep and vehicle when they arrive at your facility. As the saying goes, neatness counts, and the condition of their clothing, truck and other equipment can be a reflection of the company they represent. Your roofing project will require supplies, tools, and other materials, and these should be well-organized on the jobsite. During and after the job, the roofing crew should be diligent about cleaning up tools, fasteners, membrane trimmings, packaging and other materials and equipment.

They stay in touch. Your commercial roofing project is a complex operation that can take place over several days or even weeks. The contractor you’re working with should be readily accessible and communicative from the beginning of the sales process through the completion of the job – and beyond. You’re investing a lot of money to make sure your building stays watertight for years to come; pick a contractor who is responsive to your needs.

The commercial roofing professionals at Great Lakes Roofing & Insulation bring all these qualities to every project. We would be proud to be part of your team! We look forward to your call.