GLR April 21 Blog

How GLR is making a difference.

With the push for a more sustainable future comes an increased standard for contractors across the United States.

At Great Lakes Roofing and Insulation Systems, Inc. we take pride in working with Duro-Last for their environmentally conscious mentality.

This begins in the factory where the excess from production is recycled back into the process. It then carries onto the job sites through the prefabrication process that eliminates a surplus of scrap being sent to landfills.

Duro-Last also offers a “take-back program.” This program allows mechanically attached PVC roofs to be returned to the manufacturer where it’s then recycled into new products. These products include:

  • Roof-Trak® walkway pads
  • ProFlex® concrete expansion joints
  • Protect-All® flooring.

Not only is the PVC roof able to be recycled, but Duro-Last also recycles the metal plating and screws and insulation boards as well.

For more information about how Great Lakes Roofing and Insulation Systems is being environmentally conscious, contact us for more information! You can reach our office at 989-575-0190.