GLR 2 Mar 23 blog

Hail! Hail! Go away hail!

Weather of any kind can be a threat to your commercial facility. Tornados, hurricanes, and other high wind, snow, and even light rain – if there are flaws in your roof membrane – can cause problems. Aside from an extreme wind event, perhaps no weather force is potentially more damaging than hail.

Storms that produce large hail get all the press (NOAA’s record is an 8-incher that fell in South Dakota in 2010), but not all the billions of dollars of annual hail damage are the result of press-worthy hail. Weather forensics company Dynamic Weather Solutions claims that hail smaller than an inch in diameter can break windows, scrape paint, and even kill chickens and other small birds.

So where does that leave your commercial roof? Hailstones an inch or more in diameter can cause obvious damage to your roof system that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. But even smaller stones can create less visible membrane cracks as well as damage the surface of underlying insulation. Both effects can shorten the lifespan of your commercial roofing system. The impact of hail can also loosen drainage systems around the perimeter of your building; after a storm, make sure those components are still fastened securely.

It’s critical that your commercial roof system continue to protect your facility as weather and seasons change. If recent hailstorms or other weather events have left your roof vulnerable or accelerated its aging, it’s time to consider repair or replacement options.

When looking for a replacement roof, consider one from a manufacturer that offers a warranty that covers hail damage. Such a warranty will probably be available for an extra cost, plus require that the new roof assembly include a thicker membrane and a rigid cover board underneath the membrane. However, the additional investment could be a good one if your commercial building is in an area where hail, is a common occurrence.

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