Do-It-Yourself Dangers of Roofing

DIY Dangers

While you should always be checking on the condition of your roof, there are some projects that should not be taken on alone. Repairing/replacing your roof is one of them.

Roofing is rated one of the top 10 most DANGEROUS jobs in the world.

There are many safety precautions that are taken for professional roofers to stay safe while on the job, but even professionals falling from roofs account for 40% of construction site fatalities. This number doesn’t even represent the non-fatal serious injuries.

We understand that a leaking roof is an urgent issue, but it is always important to hire a licensed contractor.

Aspects that make roofing so dangerous include:
• Extensive heights
• Slopes
• Carrying tools/materials
• Overall awareness

Extensive heights come into play no matter how many stories the home is. Each floor typically adds an additional 14 feet, so even falling from a 1 level home poses its own series of problems.

The challenges of these heights compounded with the slopes that need to be navigated creates additional hazards. Professionals have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety while maneuvering the slopes whereas many homeowners do not.

The same can also be said for contractors regarding safety procedures while carrying around tools or materials. After installing hundreds if not thousands of roofs, professionals know where everything needs to be and the appropriate procedures that need to be taken while on the roof.

While on a roof, there are many protrusions such as chimneys or other workers that impair the line of vision. With an insufficient line of vision, maintaining awareness and keeping a safe distance from the edges of the roof can become a serious issue.

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